Team Mahico

Mixed Martial arts classes

We run all aspect of mixed martial arts. We have NoGi jiujitsu – wrestling and striking classes. We teach a huge variety in techniques to help students build their own game. We are always learning and passing it on to our students, we bring in high level coaches for classes and seminars to help grow the knowledge of our coaches and students. You have the option to spar or not, we are happy for students to just come for technique or if they would like to spar there is that option as well. We also have many up and coming fighters that step in to compete for team Mahico. What ever your goals we have you covered. No gym politics, no ego and no attitudes. Lets Go!

MMA Classes!

Classes For All experience Levels

All our classes can cater for all levels, if you a newbie or an advanced athlete you will work in your own limits – sparring is optional and only advised if we feel you are at a certain level. All techniques are shown in detail by experienced coaches. Take a look below at what we have on….

What equipment does your gym have?

Our gym is split into two sides. 

The gym side has over 500kg in plates, a hack squat, leg press, double cables, ham curl machine, sissy squat, 2 squat racks, benches, up to 50kg dumbbells, a huge range of kettlebells, a ski erg, air dyne bike, treadmill, 10m track, sled, farmers walk, sandbags, TRX ropes, slam balls, peg board, specialty bars and more! 

The MMA Side has a big vinyl matted area with a 10meter wrestling wall, Thai pads, boxing pads, kick shields, a range of bags and more. 

We also our a refreshment area, showers and toilet facilities. 

Where is your gym?

Our gym is located at– Unit 1 & Unit 2 Oakley Hay Lodge, Great Folds Road, Corby, Northants – NN18 9AS

What are the membership Prices?

All memberships are taken on the 1st of each month Via our no contract membership link. Prices are –

  • Bronze membership –  Any 1 class a week + Gym Use = £20pm
  • Silver membership –  Any 2 classes a week + Gym Use = £30pm
  • Gold membership –  All classes + Gym Use = £50pm

We also offer PAYG which is –

  • Gym use per day £6
  • Gym class £6 per class
  • MMA class £7.50 per class
what if i'm a total novice?

 All abilities are welcomed on our mat. Our coaches will help to teach you at a pace that suits you. Everyone starts as a novice. 

what do i need to bring?

All members need to be covered up. This is to help stop the spread of skin infections, stop mat burn and keep everything as clean as possible. So either a long sleeve or a rash guard and joggers/spats or leggings this is to protect you and all team members. Also a bottle of water and a positive attitude. We provide the rest….