Grab Your Kettle Bell & Get Ready!

Join our

– 6 Week Online Kettle Bell Club –

With Coach Jamie Leigh!!

Motivation – Fun – Accountability


The Game Has Changed! We Bring The Training To YOU!

Our 6 week online kettle bell camps are bringing amazing sessions straight to you. We do the planning for you all you need to do is follow along…

The 6 week course is £20! or £15 for Team GC members!!

3 live workouts Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9:30am. Don't worry the remain in the group throughout.

A member of our private members ONLY Facebook group.

All Workouts are between 35-45 mins long.

Accountability - Inspiration - Enjoyable Workouts - Team Spirit.

All workouts remain in the group so can be replayed anytime throughout the 6 weeks.

All over body workouts to help get maximum results with all sessions planned out in advance.

So grab your Kettle Bell, dumbell or grab a rucksack fill it up and be ready, Time to join us…


The 6 weeks course STARTS Monday 31st of May & Runs until Friday 09th of July.
Only £15 if a GC member or £20 if not!

Entry opens May 14th – Come join our kettlebell crew
Is it suitable for all levels?

Our workouts are designed to help all levels. Most sessions run on a time format, you do as many as YOU can within the time, so you’re never left behind. When live you can comment if you need any help or changes and Jamie will reply live :).

What if i cant do the workouts live?

If you cant make the lives, you wont miss out. The workouts remain in the group throughout the 6 weeks, so you can replay and catch up anytime.

How does it work?

It’s very simple. Once you are booked on you will be invited to join our private members group (Please see booking description for date the invite will be) once joined you will be welcomed by Jamie and the team. From there its simple you follow along with the training videos as they are posted.