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This booking is to confirm you would like a space on the Team GC which will start Monday November 1st 2021 – 

Once you have made booking you will get a confirmation of booking via email (this will go to the booking email only, If your entry email is different to the billing you will not receive the confirmation email, BUT you will still be in the course.)

Once booking closes you will receive a welcome to Team GC email that will explain the course and what happens next. (This will go to the ENTRY email please make sure your ENTRY email is correct.) 

Please be aware. Your details are what we use to sort your plan so please enter them correctly. Take your time and double check before confirming. We also need an email for each Team GC member so please enter one for each booking you make. This email will be how we contact you throughout the course. 

Once you have completed booking you are in the Team so no panic! We offer no refunds once you have made booking.


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    *3. Please enter your email here this will be used to contact you throughout the plan. (one per member)
    *4.Please re confirm your Email Address (Very important to get this right)
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    *6.Please enter you current weight in lbs (pounds) here
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38 reviews for GC Entry for course starting 1st November

  1. Danielle & Michael


  2. Michael


  3. Gemma mcgreevy

    GC has got to be the best plan I have followed, I have just finished my 3rd GC and it’s the best thing I have ever done.
    You become part of a friendly, motivating and most importantly non judgmental community who are always there to support and guide you through your journey.

  4. Katey Stanion

    healthy lifestyle change

  5. Donna Windsor

    Highly recommended, easy to follow, workouts that fit around you, can still eat what you like and best of all you get amazing results! Can’t wait to start my 3rd Team GC, LETS GO!

  6. Carol Park (verified owner)

    Love this plan! The results are amazing and totally sustainable. I feel so much healthier and fitter after just 6 weeks with Dan & Jamie. Can’t wait to start my second GC!

  7. Nichola (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing group, giving people their confidence, body shape and health back

  8. Amanda Mcfarlane

    Supportive & friendly group, fab daily exercises to do at home, overall a very enjoyable experience

  9. Jacqu (verified owner)

    Love team gc

  10. Nicola Harrison (verified owner)

    Amazing results! Much better than I could of even hoped for! Dan & Jamie make the workouts so much fun! I can’t wait to start the next one and can see my target goals in sight! Join…you won’t regret it!
    A great community spirit in the Facebook groups which have really helped me. Let’s Go Team GC ❤️

  11. Kerry Walker

    Fantastic group fitness fab supportive members no nonsense approach Staying accountable throughout!

  12. Anna

    Brillant price

  13. Sharon-ann Mcintyre


  14. Darren (verified owner)

    Fantastic kept me motivated

  15. Terri Mclean-Bowman


  16. Stephen Easter

    Headed this is good so ready to give it a go

  17. Caroline Stammers


  18. Glyn

    My wife has done amazing I am ready to start

  19. Claire (verified owner)

    Seen amazing results totally worth every penny 🙂

  20. Chantell mac (verified owner)

    Best diet / lifestyle change / workout plans & group i have ever done, so achievable and the results speak volumes! A well run group and will be returning again & again

  21. Fabian (verified owner)

    Easy to use!

  22. Ljiljana Trkulja (verified owner)


  23. Ljiljana Trkulja (verified owner)

    Very good

  24. Roxanne Martin (verified owner)

    This has been my second GC loved every moment this is a family, a lifestyle highly recommended 🤍

  25. Julie (verified owner)

    Got me motivated to try again

  26. Samantha Allder (verified owner)

    Cannot recommend enough! This will be my 4th GC so been there, done it & brought the t shirt (well two!) & I plan to keep coming back! Yes the weight loss is amazing but more than that I’m stronger, fitter & healthier & the group support is 2nd to none! Let’s Go! 💪🏼🦅

  27. Tracey Glackin (verified owner)

    After dieting all my life this is the best most inspiring thing I have ever done!!! So supportive and passionate and no BS. Taught properly to track everything you put in and working hard you will get your goal

  28. John (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this course ! Just finished my 1st course well nearly finished and lost 8lbs so far ! Everyone is so helpful! Can’t recommend this enough !!

  29. Kevin Cross (verified owner)

    Was slightly skeptical about joining to begin with once I seen the results my neighbours were having it sold it for me. This is not a quick fad or diet this is the real deal. No gimmicks or expensive products. Just a complete change of thinking on how to eat food. I eat what I want when I want in moderation and the weight still keeps coming off! Dan & Jamie are fabolous people and you can have a laugh whilst doing the daily workouts. I cant wait to see my before and after photos to see the difference this plan has made!!

  30. Anne mcluckie (verified owner)

    Excellent group

  31. Joanne Rutter (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing support for this group x

  32. Catherine Usher (verified owner)

    I have Absolutely loved being part of this group.
    I particularly like Dans motivational chatter at the end of each week day workout ,enabling me to focus on my goals and making my best choices for the day ahead .

  33. Sham (verified owner)

    Love this programme!! The food tracking and the dailt workout sessions are a perfect combo.

  34. Paul haggar (verified owner)

    Amazing programme and great support group. The results speak for themselves

  35. Natasha louise dougkas (verified owner)

    Great support from group. Happy with results

  36. Stephen brown

    Amazing help and support from both dan and gc family.

  37. Caroline Campbell

    Looking forward to starting my journey

  38. Vicki (verified owner)

    Looking forward to my second GC. Loving this new way of life

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