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Over these 6 weeks we will work with YOU to change both your physical and mental attitude towards food and training. During the 6-week online course we will educate YOU to know how easy being in shape can be and change your relationship with food. We have a amazing community that spreads all over the world!. Take a look below at just what you will get with joining Team GC! Be part of a community…

On this course you get access to our full weekly Team GC workout classes!

6 Live home workouts a week including a pilates class- Monday to Friday. All videos will remain in the group for the duration of the course to use as you please.

A range of workouts to suit all levels, ages and abilities.

Coaches will show a warm up & a cool down as well as explaining each exercise/workout before starting.

Please note - you don't have to do all workouts or any in fact. These are just an added benefit.

A Personalised food tracking plan catered to your goals…

Access to lots of recipes with step by step instructions, all worked out for you.

Lots of food ideas, tips, tricks and more posted daily in our private members only group!

Easily managed liveable changes to help educate you on making it sustainable.

Taught how to build a better relationship with food.

Learn that no food is bad for you, its the amount that is. We preach moderation!.

That’s not all you also get all of this!…

Weekly check ins Via our check ins link with coaches feedback and adjustments if / when needed.

Our NEW education series. Videos dropped in the group explain lots of fat loss tips, myths and more.

Live Q & As with Coach Dan - posted in the members only group.

Knowledge bombs dropped throughout the course, including tips, motivation & inspiration.

Accountability - Most people fail because they lack accountability, We have you covered.

A member of our Private Team GC FaceBook Support Group - this really is the heart of Team GC! so many tips, recipes and ideas shared.

Best Female & Male transformations WIN A HUGE £1000 EACH!! Oh & of course the winners trophy & tshirt!.

The next 6 weeks course STARTS Monday 19th of July & Runs until Friday 27th of August.
Early Entry is £45 and will Open when this countdown ends…

Early Entry Opens








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  • Our 6 week courses are very popular, with being online it means it can be accessed from anywhere in the world.
  • All workouts are suited for all levels, We go live Monday to Saturday but if you cant make the live they remain in the group to catch up on.
  • You can do the course without taking part in the transformation- Meaning you don’t have to send your photos in.
  • With tracking we don’t tell you what to eat we teach you how much, we then provide lots of ideas. This means anyone can do it.
  • Once booked you will get a information email with exactly how the course runs, and all important dates and information needed.
  • You do need Facebook to access the group, you can make a private account if you don’t have one.

Let’s Go!

Our 2021 Team GC Course Dates

  • course 1 – 04/01 till 12/02 = 6 weeks FINISHED
  • course 2 – 22/02 till 02/04 = 6 weeks FINISHED
  • course 3 – 12/04 till 21/05 = 6 weeks FINISHED
  • course 4 – 31/05 till 09/07 = 6 weeks Booking CLOSED!
  • course 5 – 19/07 till 27/08 = 6 weeks
  • course 6 – 06/09 till 15/10 = 6 weeks
  • course 7 – 25/10 till 17/12 = 8 weeks

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